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Our goal is to save your tooth while we relieve your discomfort. We use root canal treatment, a very common endodontic procedure, to treat nerves that have been affected by decay or infection and are causing you pain.

Thanks to modern technology, local anesthetics, and Dr. Carlson’s and Dr. Severin’s gentle touch and specialized training, our patients rarely feel a thing during a root canal procedure. Their experience and expediency have you in and out of our office, feeling better in no time.

A Better Root Canal Treatment in Mount Vernon WA

GentleWave® Procedure

With GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure patented technology, we can now give our patients a root canal procedure that is quicker, more reliable and more comfortable than ever before.

Our GentleWave® System disinfects and cleans the canal system more thoroughly than a traditional root canal, decreasing post-op pain and improving outcomes.

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Root Canal Retreatment

Root canal failure is extremely rare, but if you’re beginning to experience pain in the same area that you once felt discomfort, schedule an emergency appointment with us immediately.